Domain Ronin – Version 1.117

  • Feature: JRE is now built into Domain Ronin! If you are running Domain Ronin on Windows or Linux you don’t need to install Java.  If you are running Domain Ronin on MacOS, please install Java v1.7 or v1.8 latest release.  **Please note Domain Ronin is NOT compatible with Java 9.

Domain Ronin – Version 1.116

  • Feature: SSL connections implemented for better security
  • Feature: SpamZilla 250/day limit (due to certain users abusing this service constantly, we’ve implemented a daily limit)

Domain Ronin – Version 1.113

  • Bug: SpamZilla is now running on a new server cluster, we needed to future proof Domain Ronin.

Domain Ronin – Version 1.112

  • Bug: Moz API data not being returned correctly.  API call updated.
  • Feature: SpamZilla v2.0 Major Update:

SpamZilla has been completely rewritten from the ground up.  Adding much more spam checking functionality along with stability and speed.

  •  Deeper Analysis of past content
  •  Outbound Links
  •  Majestic ratios
  •  Internal language detection
  •  Clean, Spam and Suspicious responses
  •  Redirects Count
  •  Better screenshots generator
  •  Parked Page detection
  •  Hardware cluster

The languages functionality has been reworked, now you can select all the languages that are ok (Whitelist) or all the languages that are bad (Blacklist).  See this screenshot from the Settings >> Spamzilla tab:

Domain Ronin – Version 1.111

  • Bug: The SpamZilla titles and snapshot data was not appearing in the results table.

Domain Ronin – Version 1.110

  • Bug: Crawler job stopping instantly.  This was caused when Majestic data was enabled, but none of the three domain versions (PATH, ROOT, WWW.) were selected.  By default PATH is now selected.
  • Feature: SpamZilla had maximum TF and LRD values by default.  These have been removed, so you can set Referring Domains to 30 if you like.

Domain Ronin – Version 1.109

  • Bug: When starting a second job without closing Domain Ronin, the domains found in the original job are still present.
  • Feature: Referring IP’s and Referring Subnets from Majestic has been added to the results table.
  • Feature: PATH version of a domain is now available in the Settings>>Metrics area as shown below.  You can now select multiple versions of a domain to be checked at Majestic, the highest value will be returned.  Please remember that for each domain version you select this will increase your credits used.

Majestic PATH

Domain Ronin – Version 1.108

  • Feature: Save Availability checked domains list.

Now domains sent to the Availability checker will be saved to a .txt (checked_domains_date.txt) file automatically.  This can be helpful if you’ve run a crawl for a certain niche.  When you need more domains from this niche in future, instead of re-crawling, you can simply load the list into Availability Mode to see if more domains have expired.

  • Bug: Silent Mode was not working.
  • Feature: Pause Crawl, Resume Crawl, Restore Crash  *** The “On-Disk Storage” option must be enabled for this to work ***

You can now Pause/Resume a job very easily.  Once you start a job the Start button will show ‘Suspend’ which will pause the job (you’ll see the Running Time stops). Please note that when you click ‘Suspend’ the Domain Ronin threads will slowly shut down, so some data will still come in.

Pause / Resume

You can also save the current state of your Domain Ronin job.  If you select to close Domain Ronin while its running, you will see the following options appear.  You can select Save state and quit.

Save State

Then the next time you start Domain Ronin you will see the option to continue from the last crawl.  If Domain Ronin ever crashes, you should see the below options to restore your last crawl.  Please note that we’ve done our best to recover all data from a crash, in some cases there might be a small percentage missing.


Domain Ronin – Version 1.107

  • Feature: Reduced the minimum TF value for SpamZilla to 5.

Domain Ronin – Version 1.106

  • Bug: TF and CF data backwards in 1.105 release.

Domain Ronin – Version 1.105

Large update in relation to Majestic data:

1. Majestic OpenApps Integration:  Majestic OpenApps allows you to connect your own Majestic account with Domain Ronin.  You can read about it here

Enabling Majestic OpenApps:

– Click on “Generate Access Token”, the Majestic OpenApps authorisation page will open in your browser.

– Click on “Grant Access” and Majestic will provide you with a private token.

– Copy and paste this into the box in Domain Ronin and click “Save Token”.  Your Majestic OpenApps available credits will then appear.

2. Credits Available: This is the amount of provided credits you have available with your Domain Ronin subscription.

3. Domain Version Selection: This is where you choose what version of the domain/URL you would like to check in Majestic.
Note; Selecting the last option doubles the credit costs.

Majestic OpenApps

Other Updates:

  • Feature: Majestic Topcis now shown in results table

Majestic Topics

  • Bug: SpamZilla languages screen now responsive
  • Bug: Large “on-disk” database file is now deleted when Domain Ronin is closed.
  • Feature: 10k seed limit removed.

Domain Ronin – Version 1.104

We’ve made a fix for metrics mode API issues.

Domain Ronin – Version 1.103

We’ve made a bug fix and added a new small feature.

  • Bug: Majestic data was not being returned for all domains.
  • Feature: Domain Registration Comparison tool ( is now used when you Right Mouse Click on a domain in the results box and select Register.  This tool will give you the cheapest prices for any domain.

Domain Registration Comparison

Domain Ronin – Version 1.102

Minor update was required due to license bug in previous version.

Domain Ronin – Version 1.101

Minor update was required to allow for new weekly subscriptions.

Domain Ronin – Version 1.100

We’ve made some bug fixes and implemented some feature requests.  The 1.100 version also moves Domain Ronin out of beta, so this our first official production release.

  • Bug: Can’t crawl sites where the HTML <a href> tags are in upper case.  This has been resolved.
  • Bug: On-Disk feature allowed you to configure more disk space than what was available.
  • Bug: Private proxies with username:password did not work.  This has been resolved.
  • Feature: Use Root Domain – When this feature is enabled, in either Crawler or Metrics mode, the Majestic data returned will be specific to the Root Domain.  Majestic advises that the Root Domain version of their data is looking at all pages and sub-domains specific to the root domain (full article here) and some users would prefer to see this data.  By default Domain Ronin checks all versions of a domain and returns the Majestic data with the highest metrics.

Use Root Domain

Domain Ronin – Version 1.091

  • Feature: Moz checker updated to look at sub-domain (www.) version of url instead of the root domain.  Our analysis determined while the DA does not change between url versions, the PA is generally higher when checking the www. version of a domain.

Domain Ronin – Version 1.090

  • Bug: Previous version number not recognized by automatic update system.
  • Feature: Open domains in (use right mouse click)
  • Feature: Last used Seed file name now displayed.

Domain Ronin – Version 1.08.01

  • Bug: Moz API change prevented Moz data displaying in Domain Ronin.

Domain Ronin – Version 1.08

This is a big release which moves Domain Ronin very close to a production release and out of beta.

Major Updates:

On-Disk Storage: We’ve majorly reduced the memory consumption of Domain Ronin while crawling, by more than 10x.  To achieve this while maintaining fast crawling, we’ve implemented a very technical and robust local database queuing system.


Availability Checker: We’ve completely overhauled how this feature works.  We’ve built 4 external servers which do the heavy lifting, so Domain Ronin can plow through domains at warp speed.

Embedded Proxies: There have been issues with the embedded proxies provided within Domain Ronin.  These are public proxies that we’re scraping 24/7.  Although we run multiple tests on the proxies before allowing Domain Ronin to use them, they can still be unstable. We’ve spent time refactoring how Domain Ronin uses these proxies and have made good progress.

When using this feature please make sure you have 10 or more seeds loaded into Domain Ronin.  If using a single seed you may still experience issues which we’re continuing to work on.

  • Feature: On-disk storage for crawling. Majorly decreases memory consumed while crawling.
  • Feature: Availability Checker completely refactored
  • Feature: Remove Defunct Page Rank. PR is no longer being provided by Google so we’ve removed it from Domain Ronin
  • Bug: Improved large seed list performance
  • Feature: Blacklisted Moz API’s logged to trace file.
  • Bug: Moz Proxies not sticking after restart
  • Feature: Support for more ccTLD’s added
  • Feature: Moz API load file format added to settings page

Domain Ronin – Version 1.07

  • Bug: 100% CPU being utilized.
  • Bug: Process in OSX is called “Main”.
  • Bug: Spamzilla Timeout Responses not updating in domains area.
  • Feature: Proxies tab refactoring
  • Feature: Version added to application title
  • Bug: SpamZilla Key Falling out. Refactored SpamZilla key functionality
  • Feature: Maximum memory limit increased to 256GB
  • Feature: Unlimited Depth Crawling.  Set the Link Search Depth to ‘”0″.
  • Feature: Statistics fix & More Statistic Added. “Links Found” is what Domain Ronin is going to crawl.
  • Feature: Export Only Filtered Domains
    • Apply filter
      Press CTRL+A
      Select “copy” in context menu
  • Feature: Delete domains from Found List. Use context menu.
  • Feature: Copy Multiple Domains from Domains Table

Domain Ronin – Version 1.06

  • Bug: Config lost after restart
  • Feature: Embedded Proxies for crawling (check proxies settings tab)
  • Feature: EuroDNS registrar added for ccTLD domains (right click menu)
  • Bug: Copy/Paste batch of domains to seed box
  • Bug: DR Icon missing from OSX .app
  • Bug: Added direct download link for 64-bit JRE in Windows.
  • Feature: Deactivate button added to Crawler tab for main Domain Ronin license

Domain Ronin – Version 1.05

  • Bug: .org domains not being checked by internal availability checker
  • Bug: OSX – Configuration settings not saved

Domain Ronin – Initial Public Release version 1.04